Consultancy in Information Security Management

Information security governance includes the elements required to provide senior management assurance that its direction and intent are reflected in the security posture of the organisation. Service Mandate provides a structured approach to implementing a security program achieving the following 6 basic outcomes of effective security governance.

We offer consultancy in the following area's:

  • Strategic alignment: Aligning information security with business strategy tot support organisational objectives. Deciding investments in information security that is aligned with the enterprise strategy and well-defined threat, vulnerability and risk profile.
  • Risk management: Executing appropriate measures to mitigate risks and reduce potential impacts on information resources to an acceptable level.
  • Value delivery: Optimising security investments in support of business objectives.
  • Resource management: Using information security knowledge and infrastructure efficiently and effectively.
  • Performance management: Monitroing and reporting on inforamtion security processes to ensure that objectives are achieved.
  • Integration: Integrating all relevant assurance facotrs to ensure that processes operate as intended fron end to end.