Value delivery

The focus is on optimising investments and proving the
value of IT.

Successful acquisition and deployment of information technology often
require significant allocation of resources and should therefore be subject to
the same initial scrutiny and ‘before, during and after’ monitoring as any other
type of investment. No investment, IT included, should be undertaken without
full knowledge of the expected cost and anticipated return, as related to risk.
High-risk projects have a higher likelihood of failure, so to compensate for
those that do fail, high-risk projects should carry a higher return expectation.
To maximise the return on IT investments, techniques such as preparation of
formalised, consistent business cases; use of hurdle rates; attention to portfolio
management; and application of metrics such as internal rate of return, net
present value and payback period can be helpful.
Ensuring that value is obtained from investment in information technology is
an essential component of IT governance. It involves selecting investments
wisely and managing them throughout their life cycle—from inception to final
retirement. As with any facet of governance, without leadership, commitment
and support from the top, it is less likely to realise success.

We offer consultancy in the following area's:

  • IT investment management processes, including the economic life cycle of investments
  • Portfolio management
  • Process and service measurement techniques (for example, maturity models, benchmarking, key performance indicators)
  • Continuous improvement methodologies
  • Procedures to manage and report the status of IT investments
  • Models and methods to establish accountability over IT investments
  • Value delivery frameworks (for example, Val IT)
  • Business case development and evaluation techniques