Performance measurement

The focus is on tracking and monitoring strategy implementation, project
completion, resource usage, process performance and service delivery.

Investments in IT are growing extensively, and business managers often worry
that the benefits of IT investments might not be as high as expected. The same
worry applies to the perceived ever-increasing total cost of the IT department,
without clear evidence of the value derived from it.
Getting business value from IT and measuring that value are, therefore,
important governance domains.

By using scorecards and other methods, managers rely on more than short-term
financial measures as indicators of the company’s performance. They also
take into account such intangible items as level of customer satisfaction,
streamlining of internal functions, creation of operational efficiencies and
development of staff skills. This unique and more holistic view of business
operations contributes to linking long-term strategic objectives with shortterm
At the heart of these scorecards is management information supplied by
relevant stakeholders and supported by a sustainable reporting system

We offer consultancy in the following area's:

  • Strategy mapping
  • (Balanced) Score Cards
  • Maturity assessements
  • Continuous improvement methods
  • Outcome measures and performance drivers
  • Industry benchmarking techniques
  • Life cycle cost-benefit analysis
  • Evaluating and monitoring performance and value delivery