Our training strengths:

  • Experience at customer site: The trainers have a broad experience in Service Management and IT-governance implemenations at customer sites. This means that the courses are full of examples out of real life cases. This is very much appreciated by our students.
  • Result driven: In case of a training for students all coming out of the same company, we discuss with their manager the ‘as is’ situation of the course objectives: What should the students be able to understand or to perform when coming out of the course?
  • Flexibility in location and timing: We often give courses outside normal office hours. We understand that some key-people can’t be fully available during the day.
  • Certified trainers: All trainers ar not only certified as ITIL®-expert, but also in IT-governance frameworks such as CobiT and ISO 20000.

Upcoming trainings:

ITILŪ foundation training:
ITILŪ foundation training:
ITILŪ foundation training:
start 26 september in Kortrijk
start 22 oktober 2013 in Leuven
start 12 november 2013 in Brugge